Paul Apps

Paul spent the first part of his life living on the streets of Croydon. Brought up in a broken and destructive family unit, he soon became shut down emotionally and subsequently lived his life in a very singular manner. He worked from the age of 6 on a milk round and progressed to a barrow boy in the often rough, Surrey Street Market and bottling up in a local pub, juxtaposed to becoming the Head Chorister at the Croydon Parish Church and playing trombone in the Croydon Youth Philharmonic, The All Saints Jazz Band and jamming with Dame Cleo Laine and Sir John Dankworth.  After a turbulent and regularly absent school career Paul embarked on an apprenticeship in panel beating and spraying. He started his own body-shop business at the age of 19 and has been a serial entrepreneur ever since. Ventures included publishing, property development, his own night club, a comedy club, various strands of the motor industry, Quality, H&S and Environmental Management, Care Management Consultancy and Counselling.

Paul’s turnaround, from what he calls a ‘Chequered’ past, came on the traumatic breakup of his marriage, which he says, “smashed my heart which I never knew even existed”. In his own words Paul continues, “I thought my heart was just a chunk of meat that pumps blood round my veins.” and “I thank her (his ex-wife) for that, as I now know a broken heart is an open heart… and this opened me up to a whole new way of seeing people and the world”

From that point Paul embarked on a journey of self-discovery with books, talks, seminars and workshops leading him to run his own groups including The ‘Y Project’ for teens with drug and alcohol issues, ‘Fusion’ a co-gender group for those struggling with relationships and working with challenged young men, caught up in the criminal justice system with ‘A Band of Brothers’.

Paul says. “Exploring and creating simple but effective programs, that empower people with the knowledge and insights to manage their own inner wellbeing, is the most exciting and fulfilling thing I have ever done. The Fundamental Life team are open mind, open hearted, full of fun and passionate about creating lasting change in the work place and wider environment…. What else would I do”??

Dave Lee

Dave believes that we can all experience lasting change, irrespective of our early life experiences. Having lived through a difficult childhood with experience of both the care and justice systems, Dave found himself wielding a broom on a building site and now wields real life experiences mixed with humour, honesty and wisdom to all who want to listen.

John Dalton

John is 54 year old father of two very grown up and adult children. Like most of us in life, John has had plenty of ups and downs. His parents separated when he was 8 and he lived with his mum and older brother and sister in Leamington. After a very uneventful school life (academically) with no particular qualifications achieved, he went into a craft apprenticeship as an over head linesman where he completed 5 years. It was whilst there he started to really question what life was all about and trying to understand why he often felt low and did not understand why other people seemed happy and content.

That was when his long journey of self-exploration into many different philosophies and methodologies began, reading endless self-help books in an attempt to understand what was wrong with him and why he was only happy for brief periods of time.

He then married and decided to travel Europe working his way round fruit picking, bar work and the likes. Looking back this was all part of him trying to find myself and after two years of travel he returned home and went into the construction industry with a plant hire company, progressing from Hire Controller to Regional Manager. 

It was then he moved into the training arena, delivering management courses including Performance Management and Conflict Management. He loved the work and he was always at his best when he felt able to really connect with people on a personal level and help them see and feel things that would improve both their personal and professional life experience. He did this by sharing his understanding and knowledge about how we all operate on a human level.

When John began working with homeless and people with drug and alcohol issues, he began desperately trying to work out how to make a real difference and realised that there are some fundamental principles through which we all experience this life. When these simple principles are understood it helps the individual navigate through life in a calmer, more peaceful and connected way.

John now realises that his innate natural state is one of feeling peaceful, fulfilled and content. It is only when he decides to ‘think otherwise’ that he can become unhappy, unfulfilled and depressed.

In Johns own words “It really is that simple”

John looks forward to meeting you soon.

Jean Duprez MBE  Director, Duprez Consulting Ltd

Jean sits on the both the CIOB London Board for Employer Engagement and their Policy Board, is active on the City of London’s Social Value Consultation Panel, represents GTA England and is an ambassador for the London Chamber of Commerce. Jean also acts as a Construction ambassador for the National Apprenticeship Service, promoting apprenticeships in various sectors. She is passionate about her work in raising awareness with females, both in recruitment and more importantly retention within the Construction Industry.

Jean supports the organization Women into Construction (WIC) in order to achieve their aims. In 2015 she received an MBE for her services to skills and training. Jean has worked in the construction industry for the past 25 years, as a Business Centre manager for a large freehold in Mayfair, a Centre manager for Regus in Trafalgar Square, a Senior Manager for K&M McLoughlin Decorating Ltd for 14 years and then in October 2015 formed Duprez Consulting ltd, a company committed to making apprenticeships count.

Dave Saunders

From a very early age Dave was labelled a problem by those around him and ‘the system’. Brought up believing that a life of crime was the only way to go, he ended up in many dangerous, challenging and life threatening situations. This magnified his insecurities and led him to believe that the answer to all problems was violence. After 3 very traumatic experiences that happened within 10 days of each other Dave ended up taking out his frustrations on society and ended up in prison yet again, serving his longest prison sentence to date.  It is no wonder that Dave has spent much of his former life in the criminal justice system spending most of it in prison and much of it in solitary confinement.

After attending many self-help programs to get him out of his cell he eventually heard something that struck chord for him which changed his life ‘in a heartbeat’. Realising that he was not actually his thoughts and that he could actually ob-serve them instead of serve them, woke him up to a whole new way of seeing life. In a flash of profound insight Dave had released himself from the self-made prison of his mind and freed himself from a life sentence of debilitating and limiting beliefs and thinking that drove him to destruction.

For the first time ever Dave felt truly free. He now shares his insights and powerful story where ever he can to inspire and act as a catalyst for others suffering from unhelpful and debilitating thinking. Dave is a powerful force for good and the Fundamental Life team are truly grateful to have him on-board.

Dan Baines 

Dan likes to call himself a ‘jack of all trades’ who specialises in being a generalist!  We think he is far too modest!! Dan Baines is technically an osteopath, hypnotherapist and movement coach who lives, practices and plays in the beautiful sea side town of Hastings.

He started out as an architect but soon realised the office and screen environment was not for him. After moving to the UK Dan somehow ended up touring with the stage show ‘Stomp’ and loved going to ‘work’ every day.

After seven years of beating out rhythms with brooms, summersaulting with dustbin lids and collecting tattoos he set out on a journey to understand the human mind & body. It soon became obvious to him that there were several parts missing to the traditional biomechanical model and so he stepped down the rabbit hole of the mind where he spends much of his time playing and having a ball!

Every day he sees magic happen in his clinics and it all happens at the speed of a ‘thought’. Dan’s mission is to simply inspire people to become curious about the amazing vehicles that they walk about in and take a peak under the bonnet every now and again – it’s incredible inside there.

Dan Brings magic, movement and lots of fun to the Fundamental Life Team and we love having him around. We think you will too!